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Travel to Mumbai

Stay still for a moment and you can feel the pulse of India beating through Mumbai. This humongous city is home to nearly 21 million people and, whether you’re zipping through its packed alleys on a tuk-tuk or watching the latest Bollywood blockbuster, you’re sure to feel its currents of energy and excitement. Book your holiday to Mumbai with Air Seychelles and get ready to dive into the flow of a modern 21st century city.

Top 5 attractions in Mumbai

Lying on the shores of the Arabian Sea, Mumbai has attracted many curious travellers over the centuries and today boasts a fantastic mixture of cultures, tastes, noises, crowds and traffic! Here are some attractions to keep you busy when you fly here with Air Seychelles.

  • Take a behind-the-scenes tour of a real Bollywood shoot at Film City, or head to a local cinema and join the crowd in clapping and whistling along to your favourite stars.
  • Visit the colossal arch known as the Gateway of India, a triumphal monument built in 1911 to commemorate the royal visit of King George V.
  • Join thousands of people as they make the crossing to Haji Ali Dargah, a famous shrine situated off the coast of Mumbai that can only be reached when the tide is low. Relax in the lush greenery of the Sanjay Ghandi National Park, an oasis sitting, surprisingly, in the middle of Mumbai, where you can find stunning rock carvings and exotic animals.
  • Go for an evening walk along Marine Drive and watch the sun set over the Indian Ocean, silhouetting the skyscrapers of Mumbai as it does so.
Shopping in Mumbai

From upmarket stalls to cheap-and-cheerful bazaars, Mumbai comes fully stocked with shopping options. Colaba Causeway, packed to the sides with stalls, hawkers of all kinds and even an errant goat or two, is one of its most popular markets. They say you can find anything in Colaba – even an artist willing to engrave your name into a grain of rice, so don’t miss out.

No shopping experience in exuberant Mumbai is complete without a visit to Chor Bazaar. A maze of stalls selling colonial bric-a-brac and stunning antiques from the Raj era, it’s a treasure hunter’s dream come true. You can spend hours searching for souvenirs to bring back home here.

For fashion-lovers, Fashion Street is the perfect spot for snapping up a new wardrobe. Whatever European trends are in vogue, you’ll find them among one of the hundreds stalls here, plus a few pieces with a local flavour, and of course, plenty of sari! With plenty of baggage allowance on Air Seychelles flights to India, there’s no need to worry about not having enough space.

Restaurants in Mumbai

Indian cuisine is known the world over for its flavoursome dishes and deft use of spices, and there’s no better place to taste its full repertoire of culinary delights than Mumbai.

The street food in Mumbai is both delicious and abundant. From fantastic “bhelpuri” (a mix of puffed rice, vegetables and tamarind) to “vada pav” (fried-potatoes stuffed into rolls), there are plenty of options to eat well on the go.

For a heartier meal, head into one of the hundreds of local eateries in Mumbai and order a “thali”, which literally means plate. You get a complete meal arranged on your plate, with a roti or chapatti, a mix of curries and rice. It’s served lightning-quick at lunchtimes and is always great value.

Of course, there are also many upscale restaurants and chic bars which cater to other national cuisines for those who wish to have something else.

Nightlife in Mumbai

Imagine the city of Mumbai by day, now imagine it by night. As you would expect, the lively buzz goes on long after sunset – if it doesn’t get strong.

For a nice start to the evening, go for a stroll along Marine Drive, the famous oceanfront of Mumbai. Walking here in the early evening, as lovers walk hand-in-hand and the far-off skyscrapers start to glimmer in the night, is a great experience. It also has many bars you can deep into for a refreshing cocktail or two.

More active nights can also be found in Mumbai, which has more than enough bars and clubs for even the most hardened of partygoers. For the very best the city has to offer, head to the wildly popular Tryst for its laser shows or Trilogy, where you can rub shoulders with A-listers.

Planning your Mumbai trip

Book your holiday to Mumbai with Air Seychelles and get ready for a heady concoction of different experiences. It’s bewildering at first, but once you get a taste of Mumbai, you’ll keep coming back for more.